Batteries Bentleigh East

Car Battery Replacement

Your car’s battery is a crucial part and is the source of all life in your vehicle. Without it, you won’t be able to start your engine. While the dead batteries can be charged and brought to life, new battery replacement needs special skill and training. Here at Carnegie Automotive, we have experienced mechanics who can repair or replace the car batteries on all makes and models.

Battery Repair & Service

If you notice the symptoms of a dead battery, such as flickering interior lights, dim headlights and reluctance upon starting, you can bring in your vehicle to us for car battery repairs. We will inspect and service battery terminals, cables, alternator, starter, and alternator belt to ensure their proper working. When you have your car’s battery serviced by our Mechanics Bentleigh East, you can rest assured that your vehicle will always start steadfastly.

Car Batteries For Sale

Here at Carnegie Automotive, we have car batteries from the Powercrank brand that are suitable for all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles. No matter whether you need a battery for your passenger car, truck, SUV, van or fleet vehicles, we can supply a suitable battery to suit your driving condition and budget. With us, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that the battery we supply lasts longer and keeps your vehicle in good shape.

Car Batteries Replacement

Not only do we sell car batteries but also help our customers with replacement and installation. Our mechanics have plenty of experience at replacing your existing battery with a brand new one. Whatever make or model you are driving, we can get the job done right, exceeding your expectation.

With the latest equipment and technology, we can meet all of your car battery needs. So, feel free to call 0395636717 and make your service appointment with us today. We are more than happy to assist you with all your automotive needs.